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that’s why it’s called hammer throw not moron tumble. and that was your viral video film school pop quiz.” -does thumbs up- the most hilarious, witty, clever, pee-your-pants laugh out loud show to ever grace television. other: it’s the original tosh.0, and it’s way better. The teens impressed one key player: Bruno Mars himself, who said he cried when he saw the video.Perhaps the earliest was Reefer Madness, a 1936 "educational" film that circulated under several different titles."I came across this healthy food that's good for athletes, kids and more.Philanthropist," and an "imperfect human being working to better myself." This week, the Connecticut resident had updated his Twitter followers about a vacation in the Bahamas, where a photo Hague posted Thursday shows him swimming with pigs.The exploding whale story obtained urban legend status in the Northwest and gained new interest in 1990 after Dave Barry wrote a hysterical column about the event, leading to copies being distributed over bulletin board systems—a sort of primitive Internet—around 1994. The series showcased amusing film clips, mostly shot on 8mm equipment by amateurs.

” Don’t think fictional “Glee” choir director Will Schuester.

Pankey promised to join in the fun if his six different theater classes would let him.

(Of course, they said yes.) Attention Hollywood cinematographers: Student council vice president Bryan Urraca and senior class president Johan Cruz shot the video in a single take.

This program merges the artistic concepts of traditional filmmaking with the technological tools used in everything from independent news gathering and documentary filmmaking, to commercial production and web video.

Students receive an advanced education in behind-the-scenes filmmaking – working in teams to complete real films, while focusing on fundamentals such as storytelling, visual aesthetics, and technical roles.

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