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These are the species of jerks your mate might fall for and psychologist Leanne Hall’s advice on the best way to deal with each. How to deal: According to Hall, if you put him down you’ll only spark a row with your friend.Instead, strategically highlight the power imbalance. What to say: Remember, it’s your job to be there for her.My friend has brought up that the guy probably has Asperger’s syndrome, which, okay, that explains some of the social awkwardness, but I hate how my lovely, kind, and outgoing friend is always explaining and apologizing for this bozo’s outbursts.College dating can be a tricky business to navigate.Him: He’s always ‘borrowing’ money off her, hardly ever replies to texts and drops off the radar for sometimes weeks at a time.How to deal: Hall believes this comes down to your friend’s failure to set boundaries.Or else the fortitude to watch him marry this creep. I mean – He can’t hang, and he doesn’t treat my friend well.We have already talked about my reservations concerning his partner’s character and their relationship. For example, he has been moving the relationship along extremely quickly.

Once you get into the months or years territory, it’s generally considered bad etiquette to date your friend’s ex.

Or maybe you end up in random conversation at a party with a woman you’ve never met before, a woman who seems kind and cool and wise and funny, and is wearing great shoes, and you walk away thinking in a small, playground voice: “But one way of securing a new pal might be the concept of 'friend dating'.

If we like the thought of being friends with someone, we have to start treating them in the same way we might treat a potential romantic partner - and actively pursue and nurture a relationship.

He is very socially awkward and will often blurt out hurtful and insulting things at social gatherings that are later explained away as “jokes.” He’s also extremely conservative and quotes Glenn Beck all the time, and his idea of how their marriage should work definitely casts himself as a traditional husband and my friend as a “wife” even though they are both men.

I’ve told my friend what I think, and he always has an explanation for everything this guy does.

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