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I tried screaming from both the pain and the sight. "He smiled, grinning as small black arms came around me, pulling me into a door. I looked over to see my mother...saw something far worse. Full Metal Alchemist Character Quiz What Fullmetal Alchemist character are you? other quiz: Lets see how much you know about fmavery easy What Military Character Are You? I'm going to marry Ling XD And I would be a flame alchemist (now that was surprising :rolleyes: The personality quizzes can't agree on who I am XD I get Al a lot, but not one these O_o And then I get Ed, but then sometimes Roy, or Havoc, or Riza... No surprises there, I always thought we were alike ^_^I was bored beyond believe so I did some of the others too.. You are obsessed with rising in the ranks and, like your nickname could suggest, can have an explosive temper when too many things aren't going your way, but you usually have a cool, calm head on your shoulders Well, I got Roy, too. This one is in Spanish: Cual de los 7 homunculos eres? :' target='_blank' well, this is kinda enjoyable...that's the 3rd time i got ed..

Whether it is power over people or an entire nation it didn't matter, once someone obtained it they were corrupted. He had gathered the Philosophers Stone and forced which ever one of those sins was the strongest in them.

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He disappeared, and I shut my eyes tight, then opened my eyes to see a white room and white figure.

And now you must suffer for knocking on my door......" "What....?!

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