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The average atomic mass for the element is actually 12.011.

Since you never really know which carbon atom you are using in calculations, you should use the average mass of an atom.

Correction: The original version of this post misstated the cause of inaccuracy in first-generation radiocarbon dating.

It also linked to, and partially relied on, a website of dubious validity.

When it comes to talking about time and age on a geologic scale, our everyday watches, clocks, and units of measurement fall short. We can count seconds and even measure smaller units that help us evaluate the outcome of a race.For carbon, there are a lot of C-12, a couple of C-13, and a few C-14 atoms.When you average out all of the masses, you get a number that is a little bit higher than 12 (the weight of a C-12 atom).Students will need a 100 'marked' dice (a piece of tape on one side of each) to conduct the "How Old Is That Rock?Roll the Dice & Use Radiometric Dating to Find Out" hands-on geology project.

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