Name a non verbal communication that is important in dating

Many individuals instinctively associate persuasion with verbal messages.Nonverbal influence includes appeals to attraction, similarity and intimacy Nonverbal influence also speaks to social influence.Normal social influence research focuses on words or linguistic choices and scripts in order to effect a certain level of influence on a communication receiver or individual when in engaging in the act of inspiring change in a behavior or preconceived attitude. Giles is a writer with an MA (Hons) in English literature and a post-graduate diploma in law.

Decoding information utilizes knowledge one may have of certain received sensations. The encode holds up two fingers and the decoder may know from previous experience that this means two.

Nonverbal communication includes body language, tone of voice and facial expressions, all of which can be misinterpreted.

When nonverbal cues are misinterpreted, it can create conflict in a relationship.

This act of getting others to embrace or resist new attitudes can be achieved with or without the use of spoken language.

Nonverbal Influence is a subtopic of nonverbal communication.

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