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First dates are always a little bit uncomfortable because you're meeting someone new for the first time.Even if it's not the first time you've bumped into each other, it most likely is the first time you're actually going to get to know each other. People are almost always on the defensive on first dates; they aren't super willing to open up to you because they don't trust you yet, which makes asking some of the more personal questions difficult.Below find a list of Dating with Dignity’s top five questions you should ask an online date.

Thankfully, there's a way to get to know someone on a deep level without forcefully doing so. Here's a list of four questions you should ask on your next first date (or on any date, for that matter).

In your lifetime, you're only going to have enough time to truly pursue and maintain about a handful of passions. Your list doesn't need to mirror his or hers, but there should be a few common instances.

And if you want to get to know someone quickly, you're going to want to first ask what those passions are. Most importantly, if you find his or her list to be ridiculous, you know you two aren't compatible. What we spend the most time thinking about makes us the individuals we are.

What better way to dig deeper than the surface than by the use of questions. This should undoubtedly be one of your first- if not the very first- question you ask your crush. Because you don’t want to spend too much time getting to know someone who is already in a committed relationship.2. This is a totally laid back question you should absolutely ask for two reasons. With this question you will find out whether or not he’s interested in long term or short term relationships- and trust me, that’s something you’ll need to know for the future.5. You might find out he will be attending law school and is dead set on becoming a popular, widely known lawyer, or he might just want to see the world with the woman he loves. On the other hand, if his perfect lady describes you to a tee, you might have just met your soul mate.8. Just a fun question because there’s so many different answers he could come up with. If he an adventurous man who wants to travel to the largest mountain in the world, or would he rather enjoy a drink on the beach? Another awesome question that will tell you more about his personality. Because everyone loves to relive the funnest moments of their past!

We’ve pulled together 20 great questions to ask your crush- from basic questions to find out his interests to more prying questions that will let you know if he’s really the one for you. One, you might find out the two of you have a common interest in movies. What’s the most embarrassing thing you’ve ever done? There’s really no question what his answer will be! Maybe he will use this opportunity to talk about his religion, or maybe he will choose to talk about reincarnation. But it’s definitely something you should find out ahead of time.9. Would he choose Albert Einstein for his wisdom or Michael Jackson for his music?

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