Editing and validating xml files

Preventing and solving errors in your projects can be time consuming and frustrating.

For the latest documentation on Visual Studio 2017, see Visual Studio 2017 Documentation.

One of the main reasons that various HTML browsers have performance and compatibility problems is that they have different methods of figuring out how to render a document when an HTML error is encountered. Even when creating XML documents, errors are easily introduced.

When working with large projects or a large number of files, the probability that errors will occur is even greater.

For the latest documentation on Visual Studio 2017, see How to: Edit XML Files on docs. It can be used on a stand-alone XML file, or on a file associated with a Visual Studio project.

The XML Editor is associated with the following file extensions: .config, .dtd, .xml, .xsd, .xdr, .xsl, .xslt, and .vssettings.

Select the 'Design' tab so that you're looking at the Graph view.

It works well and helps a lot if you don't spend too much time editing XML like documents.

However, for large XML editing you definitely need more advanced library. I use the last alpha 1.3.1 version with no problems. It contains not only my PSGML hook definition but also some more useful functions which can speed up XML/SGML coding.

PSGML gives you almost all you can need for your work with SGML/XML documents. If you are interested only in sample code of personal hook setting look for function definition Split the current element at point.

If repeated, the containing element will be split before the beginning of then current element.

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