Casual courtship dating

Expectations about gender roles are much more conservative in traditional Chinese culture than in American culture.

If an American boy goes out to dinner with a Chinese girl and does not pay for her meal, the locals will view him he as having lost "face" or social status and they will regard him as a poor dating candidate.

Since most young adults will marry, the process employed in finding a husband and wife is still considered courtship.

It’s a documentary about a young woman who is trying to find a husband through traditional courtship methods in a rather unconventional way.The film explores the difficulties that face single believers when trying to follow the courtship model as well as the benefits of this way of finding a spouse.There were many things I agreed with in the film, but there were just as many things I disagreed with and even cringed over.So, why am I bringing this up now since I still have no experience in the matter?Because I can see the day coming, and it is becoming a topic here more and more often.

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